A TAXI driver who showed a 'lack of regard' to council safety regulations and who drove without an MOT certificate has had his licence revoked and been ordered to pay Craven District Council £1,000 costs.

Sharaz Hussain, 41, appealed to magistrates after the district council revoked his Hackney Carriage Driver Licence in October last year.

His case had been referred to the council's Licensing and Appeals Sub-Committee following earlier breaches of conditions attached to his licence and his continued failure to maintain the roadworthiness of his hackney carriage vehicle.

Mr Hussain, of Manor Road, Keighley, appealed the council's decision, but at a hearing at York Magistrates Court on Wednesday May 11, magistrates dismissed the appeal and upheld the decision of the Licensing and Appeals Sub-Committee. In addition, the council was awarded £1,000 costs.

Speaking after the court result, Councillor Simon Myers, Craven District Council's chair of the Licensing Committee, said: "We are pleased that the decision to revoke the licence was upheld. We are determined to ensure that the public are protected and can feel safe when using taxis in Craven.”

A spokesperson for Craven District Council said Mr Hussain had driven his vehicle without a valid MOT certificate, knowing that the vehicle had failed its MOT.

The spokesperson added: "A vehicle check sheet provided to assist in ensuring that the public are driven in safe and appropriate vehicles was not being used.

"In addition, throughout the investigation, Mr Hussain’s attitude towards Craven District Council’s licensing officers had been unacceptable. In general terms Mr Hussain appeared to show ‘a lack of regard’ for the regulations that applied to him as a licensed driver.”

The district council has a public register of all the hackney carriage and private hire vehicles, hackney carriage, private hire and combined drivers, and private hire operators that are licensed with the authority.

There are 16 private hire operators on the list, 217 drivers and 263 vehicles.