THERE was plenty to admire at the first show of the Grassington and District Horticultural Society in more than two years.

Coronavirus restrictions have meant the society's last public show took place in August, 2019, but not to be outdone, competitions were held, closely following coronavirus restrictions, with winners presented with their trophies once everyone was able to get together again at this year's show held in Grassington Town Hall.

Top honours for this year went to Karen Darwin by being awarded not only the Cunningham Trophy for the most points in the show but also the Joan Bielby Salver for the most points in the preserves section and also the Margaret Lockyer trophy for the best orchid in show.

There were two more double trophy winners. Joan Whitaker achieved her successes in obtaining the society’s Rose Bowl, for most points in the flower arranging section as well as the society’s Vase for the best exhibit for her flower arranging.

Hilary Hobson was awarded the Bloomfield Cup for the most points in the flowers section, Classes one to eight, as well as the society’s Tankard for the best exhibit in that section.

The Twin Locks trophy, for best exhibit the flowers section, classes nine to 14 was won by Michael Stott and Judy Booth won the Society Cup for the most points in baking.

Philip Johnson, chairman of the Grassington and District Horticultural Society, said: "Although this was the first show since the start of the pandemic the intervening years were not short of trophy winners. Adhering to the Covid guidelines, applicable at the time, the Chairman’s Challenge trophy was hotly competitive in both August 2020 and August 2021.

"Wally Wilton took the trophy with a superb exhibit of an onion, grown in a pot, from a set given to members in March 2020, prior to lockdown. And Joan Stott was the 2021 winner having grown a geranium from a plug plant, given out in April 2021."

Mr Johnson added the society would like to extend its warmest thanks to the judges: David Allison, flowers; Eileen Proud, flower arranging; and Joan Middleton, baking and produce, and to all those who supported the event to make it such a success.

The next event in the village's horticultural calendar is the annual show on Saturday, August 21 in Grassington Town Hall.

More details of this and future events can be found on the society’s web pages of the Grassington Hub’s website.