SOME of the finest farmhouse cheese-makers in the north come together at The Courtyard Dairy’s shop near Settle, on Sunday June 12, to showcase the brilliance of farm cheese.

“The small farms and individual people who make these cheeses are so important,” said Andy Swinscoe, owner of The Courtyard Dairy. “And after the challenging time they’ve had this past two years we thought it’d be nice to bring them all together to celebrate artisan cheese. Everyone is welcome to come along to meet, talk to and buy cheese directly from these incredible artisan cheese-makers including Graham Kirkham (of Lancashire Cheese fame), Mario Olianas (who makes Leeds Blue), Wensleydale makers Sam and Ben Spence, sheep and goat farmer Martin Gott (who makes St James Cheeses), Gillian Clough (maker of Hebden Goat) and the Noblet family from Hutton Roof (who make Wensleydale).”

There are a number of other events running, to celebrate cheese in all its glory – including Mozzarella-making demonstrations, an opportunity to see sheep being milked, a cheese-based ‘coconut shy’ game and freshly-prepared food.

The free event is between 11am and 3pm. See more details of the event at