BOLTON Abbey and the Yorkshire Dales take centre stage in a new promotional film narrated by Game of Thrones star Sean Bean.

A team of award-winning filmmakers that has worked on some of the biggest Hollywood movies and commercials of the past 20 years have teamed up with the Sheffield born actor to create Project Yorkshire - a cinematic film campaign designed to showcase and promote 'God’s Own Country' to millions worldwide.

The idea for the project came to filmmakers Sid Sadowskyj and Scott Elliott during the first lockdown, when the duo, known for their film Scott and Sid, winner of Best British Film in 2019, recognised that they could help promote their home county and attract visitors, students and investment back into Yorkshire following the end of coronavirus restrictions.

Mr Sadowskyj said: “We have always been extremely proud to be from Yorkshire and we often ‘fly the

flag’ for the county when we’re on set at other locations across the globe. When the news started reporting on the devastating impact the lockdown was having on local businesses and the economy, we knew that someone needed to step up to help our county, our residents and businesses, to emerge stronger.

“Together Scott and I came up with the idea of creating a short film that could act as a ‘calling card’ for local councils, businesses and anyone else in the region to use to promote all that is great about Yorkshire and why we believe it is the best place for people to visit, live and invest.

"We wanted to create more than just another ‘tourism advert or business investment video’ though, so we contacted some of our associates in the industry, including Hollywood composers, storytellers and writers to collaborate with us. We then put our heads together and in an ‘Avengers Assemble’ type moment, we came up with a concept for a whole campaign centred around the film that we are confident will really put Yorkshire on the map globally.”

Investing their own money into Project Yorkshire, Sid and Scott have also received backing from local councils including Scarborough, Leeds, Kirklees, Bradford, Hull and East Riding; Harrogate and Calderdale as well as the North Yorkshire Growth Hub and Marketing Humber.

In addition, numerous businesses in the region including Masons Gin, Kirklees College, Hunters and Siddall and Hilton, have also invested in the movie.

Currently in the final stages of post-production, the film, which features numerous locations across Yorkshire, and also the Brownlee brothers, Jonny and Alistair, who train in the Dales, and took two years to make, highlights some of the key attractions and reasons behind why many people are drawn to the region.

The finished film, which will be available to download online, is narrated by A-list Hollywood actor Sean Bean.

Mr Sadowskyj added: "Sean was our first choice for narrator. Being a Yorkshire man himself with an iconic Yorkshire accent, not to mention his role as ‘King of the North’ in Game of Thrones, there was just no one better for the job.

"It’s been a huge honour to work with him on this project as it’s clear it means just as much to him to champion his home county as it does to us. Whilst sat in the recording studio, Sean said the first line of

the script and Scott and I just looked at each other and fist bumped. We knew this was going to be something special."

Following the launch, a second stage of the campaign will see the filmmakers create a bank of marketing assets including images, clips and artwork that could be used in digital and printed marketing materials, across social media channels and on TV and radio.

Mr Sadowskyj added: “We want to unite the region, our businesses and councils to make a collaborative effort to strengthen the value proposition of Yorkshire.

"We want to send out a clear message to people both nationally and internationally that God’s Own County is back open for business, and we have lots to shout about. We are confident that with the backing of councils across the county, we can really make a difference and do just that.”

Project Yorkshire is set to launch in August.

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