MEMBERS of Craven Energy Triathlon Club will once again be running a 'feed station' for those taking part in this month's gruelling Montane Summer Spine Race.

It will be the seventh time the club has run a refreshment post for runners in either the winter or summer version of the race that sees competitors complete the entire 268 miles of The Pennine Way, from Edale to Kirk Yetholm, passing through the Yorkshire Dales and Craven.

The club station is 60 miles into the race, near Cowling, with members there to help runners from 8pm on Saturday, June 18, to midday on June 20.

Over the years, the club has received around 500 in donations from competitors which it gives to the local mountain rescue teams.

Club member, Gary Chapman said: "Our location is 60 miles into the race and many people arrive in middle of night and they are getting very tired as the body tells them that this is actually very tough.

"We provide hot drinks, bacon sandwiches and rice pudding as these are always favourites plus we have lots of water for them to refill bottles. It is often hard to get them back racing again as they get comfortable with us. We have helped many distressed runners over the years and we liaise closely with the Spine Race safety teams if runners have problems."

The Montane Summer Spine is the summer version of the original Montane Spine Race, a 156 hour, non-stop race. The overall course record is held by Eoin Keith in a time of 77 hours, 34 minutes and 52 seconds. The women's record is held by Anna Troup, 80 hours, 28 minutes and 35 seconds.