THE past week has seen the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee, marked by pageants and parties across the country, celebrating 70 years of the monarch’s reign.

Our minds may well be drawn already to Her Majesty's legacy, how her era will be viewed as part of history in the years to come. Whether or not we are in favour of a monarchy, many would agree that the Queen’s reign has been one of personal devotion to the highest of offices, and her Christian faith, conducting herself throughout with dignity and integrity.

We have seen others in positions within both society and the Holy Scriptures who started solidly, but ended poorly. Consistency throughout our tenure and a strong finish are key aspects of leaving a well- remembered legacy. It could be argued that how we finish could be even more important than how we began.

Last Sunday, as a Church, we not only celebrated the Queen's platinum jubilee but we also celebrated Pentecost. After Jesus had completed his earthly ministry, the book of Acts records how Jesus sent the Holy Spirit in his absence to help and empower those who would continue the work after him. This too reminds us of finishing strong, leaving a legacy and enabling those to who take over after we are gone, to win.

In our own lives may we also be people who seek to conduct ourselves with integrity in anything we do- whether in leaving home for the first time, retiring, or in whichever stage of transition this message finds us, may we seek to finish strong and pass the baton well despite the challenges life throws our way.

Just like the queen’s legacy, may we be remembered as those who burned bright right till we are called Home.

Rev Michael Hulland

Minister Champions Church