A BUSINESS set up online during lockdown is enjoying fast growth and has now opened a shop in Cross Hills.

The Peachy Queen Company was started by three friends with a common interest and passion for the ‘great outdoors’. They set up a women’s outdoor and fitness clothing brand in April 2021.

One of the founders Keira Burns said: “A positive outcome from what was very difficult times during lockdown. Providing high quality and sustainable clothing we have grown a strong social media presence and have recently taken occupancy in a little high street shop based in Cross Hills. We have a large local following and building a UK brand fast.

“Our brand is built on our Yorkshire roots and all our clothing collections and products are named after Yorkshire folk, places and sayings. We promote body positivity, believe strongly in making clothing in the Uk and using recycled materials - something we are working hard to achieve.”

The company held an open day at the shop on Saturday, June 11. Initially it will only be opening once a month while continuing its online presence.

Further details from: www.thepeachyqueens.co.uk and on social media at: @thepeachyqueencompany