SKIPTON company ‘Stroli’ believes it has the answer to soaring fuel prices - snazzy shopping trolleys.

The founder and owner of Stroli, based at Snaygill, says he has taken the humble shopping trolley and ‘re-imagined’ it - and has created something even the achingly fashionable will want to use.

Paul Marchant, who was born in Burley-in-Wharfedale, and whose parents live in Skipton, is currently living in London, but plans to eventually settle in Skipton.

And he is urging people to ‘ditch the car, and join the Stroli revolution.

He said: “As fuel prices surge, many, such as the AA, are urging people to use their car less to help save money. But what about sorting out the household shop, how can this be done without the car and save money on petrol.

“We at Ströli believe we have the answer. The miles per gallon are unlimited and it never needs a trip to the pump.

“Shopping trolleys don’t just have to be for ‘old’ people. Colourful, useful and foldable, our new range is made from both sustainably sourced and recycled materials. They are lightweight, and are a joy to use too. We’re here to make shopping offline cool again.

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