THE Canal and River Trust says it is urgently trying to clear a large amount of rubbish that has built up next to the canal close to Skipton Bus Station before the weekend.

Sacks of rubbish on the canal side of Gallows Bridge have built up, looking unsightly for visitors arriving at the bus station, and with the warmer weather, have started to smell.

A spokesperson for the Canal and River Trust said: “We’re frustrated to see the excess of rubbish that has built up at this site.

"While fly-tipping continues to be problematic in this area, we are aware that our contractors missed a recent litter collection and an increased number of boaters in the area - due to stoppage further along the canal - have also contributed on this occasion.

"We are working as a matter of urgency with our contractors to ensure the site is cleared before the weekend and are also increasing the frequency of litter collections during the busier summer months."

The spokesperson added: "Our charity spends approximately £1 million every year tackling flytipping, litter and plastics carelessly discarded on our waterways and towpaths.

"We are proactive in tackling litter and want our waterways to look their best. We are hugely grateful to the thousands of volunteers regularly supporting our Plastics Challenge initiative and clean-ups around the network.”