BROUGHTON-based environmental consultancy, Comply Direct, is to host a free climate event for small businesses looking to start their sustainability journey.

The event at Avalon, on the Broughton Hall Estate, is on July 14. This will be the consultancy’s second in-person event since the Covid-19 pandemic, following a successful event in April, which was aimed specifically at local businesses, to help them better understand the actions that can be taken to act against climate change.

This event intends to look at the smaller actions that SMEs across the country can make to grow their business, with environmental initiatives at the forefront.

Liz Wood, sustainability project leader at Comply Direct said: “The consumer landscape is changing and following COP26, businesses have been under increasing pressures to make drastic changes. It is in response to this that we have seen an increasing number of enquiries from smaller business who want to grow their business with environmental initiatives at the heart of their company, which is amazing to hear, and we are excited at Comply Direct to be able to guide them on this unfamiliar journey.”

Comply Direct was founded by Gareth Roberts in 2005.