A CAVE abseil and outdoor experience which was due to take place this weekend at Gaping Gill in support of Embsay youngster Luke Mortimer, has been postponed until next year.

The organisers had struggled to get enough ticket sales to allow the event, organised by Recare Limited, to go ahead and with time running out it was decided to cancel it for now and re-arrange the fundraiser until next year.

Adam, Luke's father said: "It may have been a combination of things which saw a reduced take-up. We are in a cost of living crisis and it is also wedding and holiday season. Perhaps it was the wrong time of year."

Adam said he was eternally grateful to those who have helped support Luke over the past three years with the most recent fundraisers aimed at buying the nine-year-old some bionic arms to allow him to be more independent.

The arms are costly - around £13,000 each - and he will need several replacements as he grows. 

Recare Limited, mobility and rehabilitation specialists, is supporting Luke Mortimer, 9, who lost part of all four of his limbs to meningitis in 2019.

While he can walk unaided, he has the added benefit of a Trekinetic wheelchair from Recare which is perfect for rough terrain.

Look out for other fundraisers which will be coming along soon.

Meanwhile, a fundraising page for Luke remains ongoing with generous supporters already helping to raise over £78,000 towards a target of £158,000. 

To donate to the funraiser go to: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/adam-mortimer-01