I WAS very disheartened to read the letter from Heather Longbottom (Face to face approach will boost numbers, Craven Herald July 7) regarding the possible closure of the ticket office at Skipton Railway Station (it has been reported that the government is considering closing all ticket stations in England to save money).

For many years until my mother died in South Devon four years ago, also when visiting my only daughter who lives in Surrey, I have been doing the long journeys by train.

The massive increase of traffic on the motorways over the years put me off driving to those places even though I love driving and have been doing so since I passed my test aged 18 in 1966. Since my husband died eight years ago and was unable to drive for about two years before that, I travel alone. Relaxing on a train without the hassles of road works, accidents on the roads and possible huge hold-ups is so much better than coping with all those things when driving. A friend of mine was held in a stationary road queue for four hours once on the M5.

The staff at the station have always been extremely helpful and friendly, taking their time in working out the best routes for the journey, the seating requested and the best prices available.

I have always chosen to go to the station and talk with these wonderful real people who have made booking train journeys so much easier. I would be devastated if this office closed and the superb personal service was removed. Whoever is in charge of this decision, please do not close the Skipton Railway Station Ticket Office!

Tessa Bird