MY husband died last September. He always loved the Leeds and Liverpool canal hence we retired to Bank Newton, near Gargrave, where we spent so many happy years together.

In his memory I negotiated with the Canal and River Trust to rent a stretch of land along side the canal.

I intend to plant a memorial garden there.

So far we have only strimmed the butter burr and ground elder to discourage it a little.

We have buried Martin's ashes and planted a tree over them. We've also planted a tree in memory of Alfie a beloved lurcher who died in a traffic accident a few days after Martin.

I had another tree so had planted that and was waiting until the autumn before planting more.

Imagine my distress on Saturday when I discovered that one tree had been dug up and stolen. What's left now is only a hole a spades depth deep.

How low can some people sink?

In this warm, dry weather there is very little chance that the stolen tree will survive. I do hope who ever did this is proud of their wanton destruction.

Carole Winterton

Bank Newton,