A DUKE of Edinburgh expeditioner had to be rescued after collapsing while climbing Ingleborough.

The 17 year old female had to be carried by wheeled stretcher off the mountain after collapsing at around midday on Wednesday, last week.

A spokesperson for the Clapham based Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) said: "A phone call to the group’s supervisor established that the person involved had collapsed a second time. PhoneFind showed the exact location, at about the 550m contour, and the team approached via Crina Bottom. "The casualty was brought down to a team Land Rover at Crina Bottom, using a wheeled stretcher, then driven to meet the Yorkshire Ambulance road ambulance waiting at Storrs Common."

While on their way down from Ingleborough, the team received a call to attend a woman at Ingleton Waterfalls with a suspected fractured ankle.

The 35 year old had fallen at about 1.30pm at Raven Ray Bridge, above Thornton Force.

The spokesperson said: " Those team members who could be released from Ingleborough were sent to the incident along with members persuaded by a second call asking for additional support.

"When YAS paramedics – already on scene – had treated the patient, team members provided a stretcher, then used it to carry the casualty to the road ambulance, parked on Twisleton Lane. "Due to the narrow access lane the road ambulance had some difficulties turning but team members were on hand to assist."