TOWN councillors have agreed to look into siting 'Fairtrade' signs in Skipton.

Following a request by the town's Fairtrade group to physically promote the town's Fairtrade status with signs and in honour of the late former mayor and Fairtrade supporter, Alan Hickman, the town council has said it will look into costings and possible sites.

At a meeting last week, the council was reminded of the request by members of the Fairtrade group during the public question session.

The group's Lesley Higson said that Skipton was held up across Yorkshire as a place with 'exemplary' ideas .

She suggested Fairtrade signs could go up at the Jerry Croft entrance to the town hall and also at the railway station, where there are plans to re-develop the site as a 'gateway to the town'.

Councillor Peter Madeley said there were a lot of signs across the area, including the Craven boundary signs put up a few years ago and the siting of new signs needed to be done carefully and with planning.

"Skipton is also a town of sanctuary as well as a Fairtrade town, both these are things to be proud of, maybe we can combine the two," he told the public services committee.