IS this really the right way? Having read the interesting article about the peat restoration and carbon capturing in the upper Kingsdale Valley, and the financial cost of over half a million pounds. The phrase using a sledge hammer to crack a nut comes to mind. (Great North Bog project attracts £50k investment, Craven Herald online, July 7).

To use over 2,500 tonne of quarried stone blasted out of our Yorkshire Dales ,moved by diggers, dumper trucks and then carted by lorries , a round trip of 50 miles all by diesel polluting vehicles, means to its destination.

To then be lifted by helicopter onto the hill.Where the so called restoration is to be done.

While our past ways may not have been right, to further interfere may be another mistake.

Nature has a wonderful way of recovering from past mistakes and if left alone I believe would do so again and at a lot less financial cost, and a lot cleaner. And the nut would not be shattered.

John Handley