CAVE rescue volunteers were called out twice in the same day to help one man in his 90s and a second in his 80s.

The first call-out on Wednesday to the Cave Rescue Organisation was at 4.44pm to help the 94 year old resident of a remote farmhouse at Cowgill, Dent.

The team had been asked by the ambulance service for help to reach the man who had fallen at his home and sustained a painful hip injury.

A spokesperson for the Clapham-based CRO said: "The house is 450m up a track, mostly too narrow for a road ambulance, so the ambulance crew walked up.

" A team Land Rover was able to access the site. Team members carried the patient to it, then in it, to reach the road ambulance for transport to hospital."

Later, at just after 8pm when team members were taking part in a training session at Langcliffe Scar, a second call came in, this time to do with an 84 year old man at the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, Ingleton.

The CRO spokesperson said: "A group of visitors had come across another visitor struggling, ‘stranded’, they said, on the return leg of the trail. One member of the group returned to the trail car park to call for help while others stayed with the man.

"A small team of CRO members responded, while most from the training went to Clapham for a training de-brief and to ‘stand by’ for the Ingleton incident.

"The first member on scene discovered that the casualty had continued slowly along, with the support of others. He had a history of sciatica and was suffering from back pain but had made slow, steady progress. A team Land Rover was able to return him to his own car in the trail car park."