ONE of the best decisions that Skipton Town Council has made in a long time is to allow a lot more of the verges that it manages to grow longer. To some this may look a touch untidy. To many it seems like an incredibly good way to both save money and help the natural environment.

Letting plants to grow for long enough to set seeds is a great way to ensure there is more variety of flowers growing wild next year. It also allows insects to feed and reproduce which both improves the variety of wildlife in our area and provides food for birds. The seeds on mature plants are brilliant at attracting goldcrests and insects are a vital source of food for swifts, swallows and martins.

We have a choice. We can waste public money on mowing everything short or we can put up with a bit of untidiness at the back end of the year in order to enjoy more variety of wildlife in our environment.

Skipton Town Council deserves credit for making the right choice.

Andy Brown

Green Party