The first woman chairman in 10 years was elected to Craven District Council this week.

Coun Marcia Turner was chosen unopposed at Tuesday's annual meeting.

And leadership of the council switched from Independent councillor Carl Lis to Conservative Chris Knowles-Fitton.

The Conservatives now also hold chairmanship of all the council committees.

Coun Turner said: "I would like to thank everyone for putting me in. I shall try and be a credit to you and to Craven District Council."

Her partner, Coun Paul Whitaker, will be her official consort, but she promised to include ward councillors on visits across the district.

Coun Turner said that during her year in office she would be raising money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Airedale Hospital's breast cancer unit.

Outgoing chairman Coun David Ireton, who has held the position for two years, announced he had raised around £13,000 for charity over the past year. His chosen causes were the air ambulance and Bentham First Responders.

Coun Ireton was praised by councillors for his humour and hard work. Outgoing council leader Coun Carl Lis said: "The chairman is the public face of the council and is also a measure of the success of that council."

He added that Coun Ireton had been an excellent ambassador for Craven and a good fundraiser.

"I've never seen anyone who managed to sell raffle tickets like him. Even when he was canvassing at his recent successful election campaign he managed to sell tickets."

Liberal Democrat leader Coun Paul English said taking on the role of chairman took a great deal of commitment.

"To do it for two years is a hell of a piece of your life to give up for Craven. As chairman, he has never been afraid of doing what he believed was right. Sometimes we have bitterly disagreed, but he did what he believed was right."

The new makeup of the council is: chairman: Coun Marcia Turner; vice-chairman, Coun David Crawford; leader and chairman of policy committee, Coun Chris Knowles Fitton; deputy leader and vice-chairman of policy committee, Coun Richard Foster; chairman of overview and scrutiny committee, Coun Helen Firth; vice-chairman of overview and scrutiny, Coun Andy Quinn; chairman of standards committee, Mr M Spence; vice-chairman of standards committee, Mr D Ansbro; chairman of audit committee, Coun Chris Harbron; vice-chairman of audit committee, Coun Donny Whaites; chairman of planning, Coun Richard Welch, vice-chairman of planning, Coun Stephen Butcher; chairman of licensing, Coun Paul Whitaker, vice-chairman of licensing, Coun Andy Quinn.