GRASSINGTON Players latest production of a JB Priestley classic will now take place in November after the director and several members of the cast were struck down with Covid-19 just 48 hours before 'curtain-up'.

The theatre group had been due to perform When We Were Married in September, but it will now take place from Wednesday, November 17 to Friday, November 18, during the evenings, at The Devonshire Institute - Grassington Town Hall. There will also be a matinee performance on Saturday, November 19.

It will be the first time in many years that the group has staged a matinee, which is anticipated to be popular among audience members who don’t like travelling or turning out on dark winter nights.

Rescheduling the show was a major undertaking for Chairman John Anderson and the team, who had to find a run of dates that all the 20-strong cast and crew could commit to which also coincided with the availability of the town hall. The seven-week delay meant the entire box set, which had been constructed, decorated and fully furnished, had to be dismantled without damaging it and stored along with the props, furniture and costumes before it was ready to be used again.

Director Mark Bamforth said it was the first time a production had been cancelled at such short notice.

“Many of us have been involved in amateur theatre for more than 50 years and yet this was an unprecedented situation for us all. To have a production postponed at such late notice, just 48 hours before ‘curtain up’, was very tough and I am so pleased that everyone has rallied round to help with the practicalities and agreed to commit to the new dates.

"After three months of hard work in planning and rehearsal it would have been heart-breaking to have to cancel altogether.”

Also known for An Inspector Calls and Dangerous Corner amongst other favourite plays, Priestley’s When We Are Married is a comedy of Yorkshire characters - and caricatures - which tells the story of three smug chapel-married couples meeting to celebrate their silver wedding anniversaries. Or so they think, until their entire married status is thrown into doubt amid the gleeful ridicule of a wronged housekeeper, an aggrieved organist, a hopeful lady friend, a confused reporter and a drunken photographer.

The foyer bar will be open before, during the interval and after the show.

Tickets are available from Grassington Hub on 01756 752222 or online from