WHAT does a 70-year-old man pulling dead rats out of gutters have to do with becoming a better human?

Chris Singleton has the answer in his spoken word comedy show ‘How to be a Better Human’ at Skipton Town Hall on Thursday, November 10.

“I lost my dad to bowel cancer in 2019,” says Chris. “And a few months later my wife left me. So I did what anyone would do, and wrote a comedy about it.”

‘How to Be a Better Human’ is a spoken word comedy about grief, loss and self-acceptance. Set up as a Ted Talk, it features powerpoint comedy, animation and original music.

“I wanted to explore the lightness and humour in death and divorce,” continues Chris. “How we can lose everything and still find the strength to rebuild. How it helped me become better at empathising, connecting and understanding.”

His debut show has received glowing reviews on tour across the North, with many comments about how the show shifts between laughter and sadness.

“Death is something we’re all going to experience – that’s one thing we can be absolutely sure of. So why don’t we talk about it more? I’m hoping this show will spark conversation and understanding around the subjects of death and grief.”

To find out how growing a beard can be the best decision of your life, and why some hedgehogs are absolute dickheads, catch How to be a Better Human this month.

How to be a Better Human is on at 7pm on November 10.

Also coming to the town hall on November 12 is Power by Strong Lady Productions.

A circus Strong Lady celebrates the ways people can feel powerful, even in an uncertain world. Power is described as ‘optimistic, uplifting, funny, physical and moving’.

For more information and to buy tickets visit skiptontownhall.co.uk