PUPILS at Kildwick Primary School have given their local MP a grilling.

They quizzed Julian Smith on a range of issues, from the cost-of-living crisis to what he thought about the current prime minister.

Year 6 pupils had invited the MP into school for a question-and-answer session following a visit they made to the Houses of Parliament.

Mr Smith spoke about how he met the late Queen Elizabeth II, and what it's like addressing the Commons and working closely with the PM.

Pupils Imogen Joughin and Willow Haston said: "He was good at answering our questions and used lots of sophisticated words.

"It was interesting to hear he had wanted to be an MP since he was 13, and he was interested in what we were reading in school. He told us how important reading is and how much the prime minister reads every day to do his job."

Mr Smith said he had greatly enjoyed the visit.

He added: "The class had prepared lots of questions to ask me about my work.

"It was great to meet the pupils and answer such a wide range of questions. I also enjoyed hearing about their secondary school choices for next year."