GOOD to see that Morrisons have back-tracked on the amount of self- service checkouts.

I was in there the other day and people were queueing for a self service checkout as well as the manned ones.

I as ever used a manned checkout (or is that a personed checkout these days?) as I have no intention of doing somebody else's job, especially without payment.

I thought unions had rules about demarcations of labour. If people started accepting only self service checkouts in supermarkets where could it lead to? You can imagine all the top bosses thinking now we've got the mugs checking out their own shopping and got rid of staff what else can we do. Imagine going into the supermarket and finding no baked beans on the shelves and asking the manager who tells you they've cut down on shelf stackers so if you could just pop into the stockroom and bring a couple pallets of Heinz's best out and put them on the shelves for him before you carry on shopping.

And definitely don't mention that the floors are looking a bit mucky else you'll end up with a mop stuck where the sun don't shine at the same time! I look forward to seeing you there soon, I'll be the bloke with the wife's shopping list mucking out the toilets.

Paul Morley

Long Preston