I WAS pleased to read the article about Morrisons check-outs by their manager James Lever (Morrisons apologises with money-off voucher as tills reinstated, Craven Herald, December 8).

The customers had spoken and Morrisons had acted by changing some of the new self-service checkouts back to manned ones.

Last week we went to do our weekly shop and there were four new checkouts ,two for cards only so why were there still queues at them?

The week before there were eight manned checkouts but only three actually were manned.On Tuesday there were 12 but only four manned.

This seemed a waste of tills if they weren't going to be used and not exactly what the customers wanted.

Customers were commenting on this as they obviously had expected better but a quick question came up with the answer - there were more tills but not enough staff to man them.What now Mr Lever?

Patricia Mason