IF you are looking for a fabulous show which promises to charm the whole family then look no further than Shone Productions pantomime ‘Cinderella’, running from now until Sunday, January 15 at The Muni Theatre, Colne.

Sunday, January 1 was the opening show and the atmosphere in the theatre was electric! The super talented cast performed to a packed out house of appreciative and attentive audience members.

We are presented with a stunning, sparkling set, impressive lighting and outstanding special effects, including pyrotechnics and fake snow, which the children in the audience absolutely loved. We are also treated to all the silly jokes (good and bad!) and characters we know and love, with a modern twist! The costumes and wigs were absolutely spectacular; particularly those worn by the charismatic and comical Ugly Sisters, David Drewitt and Danny Jay.

The cast were a strong and professional ensemble; Isobel Rose Proctor took the lead as Cinderella, with her impressive vocals and warming stage presence and Rosie Winter glittered and shone as The Fairy Godmother. Tyler Sargent gave a confident and assured performance as Price Charming. Dandini was played by Thomas Sentia, whose Shirley Bassey-esque performance of P!nk’s ‘Get This Party Started’ grabbed the audience’s attention and kept hold of it through the entire number and was a standout song in the show. The actors were supported by a team of dazzling professional dancers who sprinkled some delightful dance numbers throughout the show.

One of the highlights of the production was the ‘If I was not in panto’ song, which was hilarious, with a fabulous display of physical comedy from all the actors – a sketch that was much enjoyed by audience members of all ages. Other highlights included Cinderella’s dress reveal and Button’s ventriloquism sketch. No spoilers here though – you will need to come and see for yourselves! Comedy Star Rollo as Buttons was a comedic masterclass and a clear audience favourite, with his impeccable timing and delivery as well as his spot on facial expressions.

From the get-go, this production is lively, colourful, energetic and full of fabulous musical numbers with tight choreography and slick scene changes, thanks to the skilled creative team at Shone Productions. Congratulations to Shone Productions and the Muni Theatre for a fantastic production by a talented cast, led by an evidently creative production team.

Prepare yourself for some first class family entertainment. More information and tickets at: www.themuni.co.uk, or call The Muni Box Office on 01282 661234.