ALONG with many others I attended the Remembrance Day service in Skipton and watched as wreath after wreath was placed in memory of the fallen. The ceremony was very moving and respectful toward those who paid the ultimate price to ensure the freedom we enjoy today.

I accept that this particular ceremony occurs on this day, but are fallen service personnel only afforded respect for one day? I have twice now collected increasingly battered wreaths from outside the fenced area of the monument, and placed them within.

I grew up in the military; I served. Are these only wreaths of remembrance for one day, and wreaths of rubbish henceforth? I do not know if there is some prerequisite to collect the wreaths after a period of time has passed, but it would be preferable for them to be removed completely, rather than being reduced and diminished to litter as they lie on the path circling the monument. It is offensive that respect has turned to a totally contemptuous disrespect with apparent ease.

L Joy