THREE new parish councillors have been elected to Lothersdale Parish Council.

The new councillors are: Stephen Paul Cohen, Jonathan Grey, and Andrew Bradley Southern.

Cllr Grey got 163 votes, Cllr Southern got 155 votes, and Cllr Cohen got 123 votes. A fourth candidate, Joy Elvy received 78 votes and was not elected onto the council.

The by-election took place on Thursday, January 19 to fill three vacant seats on the parish council.

A total of 459 people in Lothersdale are entitled to vote and there was a 46.62 per cent turnout. 214 ballot papers were issued.

A by-election in Ingleton to fill one vacant seat on the parish council was won by John David Beverley Owen. Cllr Owen took 171 votes; the other candidate, Tony Macaulay, took 125 votes.