A SHOWCASE of Craven musicians is taking place at Skipton Town Hall next week - on Friday, February 24.

The gig will feature artists from the second annual round of Craven Music Match – Twin II and Evie Clark, Richard Fairlie and Mark Swinden, The Lost Embers and Tommy Zen.

They include eclectic fusions of folk, pop, rock and rap, with music videos filmed across Skipton, including canal boats, pubs, the market and historical landmarks.

As well as performing in their project collaborations, the gig will also give each artist a chance to perform solo and with other artists from the group. Each duo made a music video in Skipton which will be premiered at the beginning of the evening.

The project has seen the pairing up of underground hip hop artist Tommy Zen and acoustic duo The Lost Embers, with their song My Town. The fusion track features a catchy riff and subtle vocal harmonies, backed up by a solid hip hop beat. The video takes in the High Street and the Woolly Sheep pub as well as filmed portraits of people holding up a chalkboard sign with what home means to them.

The Lost Embers came to writing music later in life, but have always been passionate about good song writing and harmonies, something which manifests itself naturally in their strong musical connection.

Twin II has been producing for four years and rapping for longer. His latest project coincides with the release of his own self-penned material in which he is paired with Evie Clark, a theatre lover and singer. Their song and video, “Paper Planes”, is both nostalgic and transient, accepting the choices made to leave and to return a changed person, featuring the dazzling local dancer Izzy Mitchell. Filmed in the Narrow Boat pub and Northern Dance Centre.

Meanwhile, Richard Fairlie is a stalwart of the district's open mic scene, swinging his guitar across the Aire Valley to perform at all sorts of events.

Paired up with composer Mark Swinden, they have produced a soft acoustic-rock track, featuring Mark on drums and Richard on vocals and guitar.

Filmed mainly outside, and also at the open mic at Skipton’s Sound Bar, their video for their song “Little Barn” features the dreaming of a different kind of life, away from the city and embracing the freedom and open space a town like Skipton can offer. Full of heart and soul, deep vocals and intricate drumming.

Craven Music Match on Friday, February 24 is at 7pm. Tickets at: https://skiptontownhall.co.uk/