I AM sure the Quakers who copied their letter to Craven District Council to the Craven Herald (February 23) are well-meaning in their desire for world peace. However, the best keepers of the peace are our armed forces.

Sadly there are too many people in the world with bad intentions. Where would Ukraine be now without their armed forces in defending their country against an illegal invasion by Putin's Russia? We need our armed forces to deter aggression and, if necessary, to protect us against such aggression.

I remember being told by my dad, a devout Baptist, about a debate he had with local Quakers in Leeds when he came home from his service in the Royal Navy in the 2nd World War. They argued that, if Britain had stood for peace and not used force, Hitler would have respected this.

My dad said if they believed that, they would believe anything. Also what would have happened to the rest of Europe?

Our armed forces exist to help preserve peace and we should welcome the Regiment exercising its Freedom of Craven this week.


John Dawson