EVERYTHING is in place for this month's 101st Skipton Music Festival.

Held for the first time in 1922 - the roaring twenties - the week-long festival remains a highlight of Craven's cultural calender, and after celebrating last year's centenary event, organisers say they are looking forward to the next 100 years.

Taking place in Christ Church, Skipton, this year's event kicks off on Monday, March 13 and concludes on Saturday, March 18 with its 'not to be missed' gala concert. It will include the Kildwick Mini-Ringers, Water Street School's 'Boomwhackers' massed accordion playing and a whole host more. Adjudicator will be Caroline Clemmow, while Tim Kennedy will be the accompanist.

Festival 'dogsbody' Chris Wright, said: "The festival season is upon us – but don’t think of rock bands, tents and knee-high mud. The altogether calmer - and warmer - Christ Church in Skipton will be alive with music with a kaleidoscope of performers, ranging from a nervous six year old pianist who can’t yet reach the pedals, through to seasoned adult flautists and vocalists with offerings that would grace any stage in the country.

"They range from age six years old to 60, and a good way beyond, and the variety is amazing. We might expect the pianists and recorder players but where else would you come to see fifes and flutes, cellos and saxophones, drums, boomwhackers, percussionists and handbells?"

Classes start on the evening of Monday, March 13 and run through to the final concert on Saturday, March 18 Chris added: "Some of the highlights of the week include some adult classes on Monday and Tuesday evenings which will include the massed accordions of TNG, flautists and the young MiniRingers with “Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles.

"Water Street’s Boomwhackers are on show on Wednesday afternoon while much of Thursday offers a feast of recorders. Friday is a bit special; it begins with a morning of singing with our very littlest nursery and reception performers followed by school choirs in the afternoon. The evening sees the Blue Riband Solo Recital classes where we often hear young people who have progressed through the Festival and are about to embark, some of them, on a professional career in music.

And some of the more notable performances of the week will be gathered together for our Gala Concert on the Saturday evening,this is an evening not to be missed."

Find out more at: https://skiptonmusicfestival.co.uk. The programme is at tinyurl.com/smfprog so you can choose when to come.