PLEASE could someone explain to me why petrol is so expensive in Skipton?

The other day I had to travel to Bolton. One the way down every garage I passed petrol was cheaper than in Skipton. I went via Gisburn, Padihan, Ramsbottom, Tottington and some of the garages were 4p or 5p per litre cheaper. Needless to say I filled up at one of them.

I know that Morrisons is knocking 5p per litre off fuel if you spend a certain amount in store. I believe it's quite a substantial spend so what about us who live on their own?

Also, a friend told me that petrol in Morrisons in Bolton was 7p a litre cheaper than Skipton. Why? I will try not to fill up in Skipton any more.


Vivienne Crompton



Morrisons' response: "Morrisons operates a local pricing policy on fuel. This is standard for petrol retailers as is noted in the Competition and Markets Authority Road Fuel Review published on 8 July 2022: “Competition between road fuel retailers principally takes place at a local level. In particular, retailers typically set prices based on what others in their local area are charging with some aiming to match or undercut their rivals.”

"The number and breadth of operators in the market (supermarkets, oil-company owned retailers, independents and smaller independents), all with different buying models and overheads, creates variations in price between local markets that can sometimes be quite wide as the comparison between Skipton and Bolton illustrates."