A COUNCILLOR says the government should intervene to tackle fuel prices because some motorists face paying an extra 10p per litre of petrol or diesel in different parts of North Yorkshire.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found last summer there are “significant differences in price” between forecourts across the UK.

The issue was raised during a recent meeting of the Skipton and Ripon area constituency committee in Skipton.

Nick Brown, Conservative councillor for Wathvale and Bishop Monkton, said he was surprised to recently pay £1.359p for a litre of fuel at Bishop Auckland in County Durham whereas in Boroughbridge the price was 10p more expensive.

The councillor asked Julian Smith, Conservative MP for Skipton and Ripon, if he could lobby the government to launch a review into the issue.

He said: “There is effectively a rip-off for customers of petrol and diesel. Could you press for an urgent review by government into fuel prices? I can’t believe that a 10p difference is justifiable for 40 minutes down the road. The RAC have been banging on about this for quite a while but nothing has been done. There needs to be a proper review.”

Mr Smith said:“I do agree there’s huge inconsistencies in rural areas. We can lose out. I’m happy to write to the business department about that.”

The main factor for petrol prices is whether there is much competition nearby, including from supermarkets who offer cheaper fuel.

Companies that run petrol stations in remote locations also argue that they sell less fuel so have to charge higher prices to cover their overheads.

Fuel prices have remained high since the Russian invasion of Ukraine but they have fallen since last year when petrol and diesel could be bought for over £2 a litre for the first time ever.

In last week’s budget, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt extended a 5p cut in fuel duty for another 12 months.

Andrew Williams, independent councillor for Ripon Minister and Moorside, said: "there’s no competition” for fuel in Ripon, which has meant motorists at the pump have suffered. He said: “The fuel price in Ripon is usually 3p higher than in Boroughbridge and there’s a difference of 8p between Ripon and York. It seems grossly unfair.”