TOMORROW is the last day of Craven District Council.

After 49 years, the council will cease to exist, replaced - along with North Yorkshire County Council and the six other district and borough councils in North Yorkshire with a single, all singing, all-dancing authority.

Saturday - April 1 - will see the birth of the new North Yorkshire Council, responsible for all things across the whole of the county. 

There was a good turnout at Holy Trinity Church in Skipton on Sunday for a thanksgiving service marking the end of Craven District Council - although not perhaps as packed as it ought to have been, something to do with the clocks springing forward an hour maybe?

The congregation of councillors, community leaders, business people and residents heard how it was a time of change, but were reassured Craven Council would not be forgotten, because it was a part of the area's history.

Above all, it was a chance for thanks to be made to all those who have served on the council, both its officers and its elected members.

The Craven Herald joins those who have given their thanks for such splendid public service.