IT'S an interesting decision for the new North Yorkshire Council -whether to approve, or refuse, a plan to site three, rapid charging, electric vehicle charging machines on Skipton High Street setts.

Skipton Town Council, which operates the four times a week market, has issued a strong objection, pointing out it flies in the face of the market, and the public highway status of the setts. Parking on the setts is allowed for just two hours only, with drivers risking a fine if they stay any longer - not sure how rapid the chargers are, but that could be potentially very annoying for any unsuspecting owner of an EV vehicle.

A councillor has also raised concerns that it could set a precedent; that the frontagers, who own the setts in front of their properties and often charge rent to the stall holders, could decided EV charging is a less troublesome and potentially more lucrative option.

There is no doubt that the market is not what it was, critics would say it needs to change, that it needs to attract younger people, if it is to survive. Already, the Monday market is a very sparse affair.

On the other hand, if we are to achieve carbon neutral status by 2030, it is said the move to electric vehicles will go a long way to achieving that - so, we will need more charging points, and not just those attached to new builds.

It will be an interesting decision for the new planning authority to make - especially when one thinks it was not so long ago that parking meters were being suggested on the High Street.