WITH regards to Mr Willingham's letter (The sooner the better for driverless cars, Craven Herald letters, April 27).

I’m all in favour of road safety and being pro-active in reducing accidents. I travel this road (the A65 between Skipton and Kendal) twice a day and probably have done for the last 25 years. On occasions there are idiots, but find it a bit discerning that Mr Willingham experiences these incidents most times he is out?

What I do find disturbing is that these vehicles are strategically parked to catch people out. Perfect example Langcliffe Road. Tucked out of the way to (nab) after the offence has happened. Rather than parked further towards Settle within the built up area. Direct sight line to bridge end and also past the properties by Water shed mill. This is, in my eyes a total 'cash cow' and is reactive rather than proactive. It’s more about robbing more cash off motorists.

I suggest putting, 'be aware camera van ahead' signs on side of road say 500m before and after. Then anyone who is stupid enough to speed deserves the fine.

As for flashing to let motorists know - it is surely going to prevent rather than aggravate the situation.

George Harrison