STAFF at Airedale Hospital are being forced to park dangerously on double yellow lines becasue of a lack of parking spaces, and are then being issued with parking tickes, a hospital worker has claimed.

The staff member who asked to remain anonymous voiced their frustration at the parking situation for staff who are trying to get to their place of work. She added that in some cases, staff had even been forced to move their cars during shift times having been contacted by security. They were then escorted to small spaces in and amongst the ongoing building works which the staff member says is not adequate.

She said: "These areas are unmanned and unlit causing anxiety to those that have to return to their cars late at night after shift.

“Hospital staff are charged monthly to use the car parking facilities which are often inaccessible due to the volume of people that attend the hospital daily.

“The management of the hospital needs to step up and take note. Staff should not be penalised for attempting to come to work.”

A spokesperson for the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust said: “Staff parking at Airedale is under pressure currently because we have contractors on site working on a building project and we know that this can be frustrating at peak times.

“The Trust has plans in place to create over 100 extra spaces to alleviate this short-term pressure. We hope to see this resolution in place within the next couple of months.

“Our parking team will ask staff members who have parked inappropriately to move their cars where this is creating a safety risk.

“They never ask anyone to park anywhere that they cannot access safely and they offer to escort staff to their vehicles at night.

“The only time staff receive a ticket is if they are parked in a disabled bay; and before issuing a ticket colleagues will be asked to move their car first.

“The Trust is investing in electronic signs which will show how many spaces are available in each car park, which should help to manage the demand for parking spaces.

“The Trust is also implementing a Green Travel Plan in the near future. The plan will encourage the use of public transport, cycling, walking and car sharing.

“We offer a competitive salary sacrifice scheme for e-bikes and there is ample provision of secure bike storage, provided by Airedale Hospital and Community Charity.”