TRAFFIC lights causing huge tailabacks of vehicles in Gargrave are due to be completed tomorrow.

Northern Gas Networks said the work, which began on May 12, was due to last two weeks to May 26.

Traffic has been held up for long periods during peak times, causing anquish among commuters as well as Gargrave businesses.

Cathryn Turner, owner of Number 29 clothing agency and gift shop, in Main Street, said there were traffic lights up when electric work was being done which finished on the Thursday, then the lastest ones for gas work went up the following Saturday.

She added: "These are meant to go (tomorrow) Friday but there doesn’t seem to be much progress. Trade is affected. Since I opened the shop two years ago there have been constant traffic lights on the high street.

"So much traffic goes through the village especially on bank holidays, school holidays and sunny days. People are told to avoid the village and if you’re stuck in a queue you’re unlikely to want to get out of it.

"Saturday trade at the shop in particular significantly reduces when there are traffic lights and I think the other businesses in the village feel this too. I can’t even open the shop door when it’s sunny because of the standing traffic and fumes outside. The businesses feel that work could be done in less busy times. There’s no consultation or thought for the impact on the businesses."