FIRE prevention officers are reminding people not to light barbecues on dry grassland.

With the recent warm and dry weather, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people of the dangers of disposable barbecues.

Last summer, a fire on moorland near Northallerton started quickly and spread very fast - the result of a disposable barbecue.

Advice includes not leaving them unattended and never on dry grassland, and to make sure they are fully out before disposing of them in the correct way.

A spokesperson for the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "We know barbecues are tempting, especially when the weather is nice, but please remember: Don’t light a disposable barbecue on dry grassland; never leave barbecues unattended, don’t put them close to fences, hedges or other items which could catch fire.

"They should also never be used inside a tent or caravan, and people should also always ensure they fully extinguish the barbecue before disposing of it appropriately."