NEW sites for cash machines in West Craven are to be pursued by councillors - including a suggestion of the Barnoldswick office of the area's MP.

Councillors agreed to look into getting more machines for Barnoldswick and Earby after hearing residents were struggling to get cash.

Although there are cash machines inside both Co-ops, at Barnoldswick Post Office and at the garages in Skipton Road and Kelbrook Road, they often ran out and were only available when the businesses were open, heard the West Craven Committee of Pendle Council.

Barnoldswick has also recently lost an outside cash machine following the closure of its Barclays branch, the last bank in the town.

Councillors agreed to approach Aldi Supermarket and the two town councils as well as businesses which may be open to hosting a cash machine.

It was also suggested that the Co-op be asked to move it's cash machines outside so they would be available at all times.

Cllr Tom Whipp added that Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson had an office in Barnoldswick and perhaps a cash machine could be sited there.

Committee chair David Whipp said he was sure it was an issue all over the country and suggested an approach also be made to an association of cash machine providers for advice.