PLANS to build five family homes at a farm near West Marton, Skipton, have received a set-back after a prior approval application was rejected.

The application to change the use of one barn - part of a group of agricultural buildings at Stainton Hall Farm, Bank Newton, was refused by North Yorkshire Council and the applicant, Robert Metcalfe, told a full planning application will be required.

In its decision, made by officer delegation, the council says the prior approval application meets all the necessary criteria, except for one.

The council considers the amount of demolition required at the site for the development to take place - about 70 per cent - is too much and not necessary.

An officer report concludes that prior approval is refused because: "The demolition proposed is not reasonably necessary to carry out the building operations."

The plan had involved the change of use of a traditional barn at the site, which is in open countryside and on the road between Bank Newton and West Marton.

The barn is within a group of several attached agricultural buildings. Most of which are steel framed with timber or corrugated metal cladding with corrugated metal roofs.

Proposed was three three bedroom homes and two four bedroom, with parking.