A PLAN to extend Bowland Fell Holiday Park in Tosside has been withdrawn following objections including from existing residents of the site and two parish councils.

Two petitions were also submitted objecting to the plans by Park Holidays to change the use of land for the addition of 49 static caravans and lodges along with hardstanding and landscaping.

Objectors say the site, which includes the listed Crow Trees Inn and currently has around 300 caravans, but could have up to 440, has grown out of all proportion in recent years and the additional plots would mean more noise, pollution and 'oversized holiday caravans' using the area's narrow roads.

A meeting of Bolton-by-Bowland Parish Council was attended by 76 residents to 'vent their concerns as to both the transport and environmental harm that such a development would bring to the area'.

In its submission to North Yorkshire Council, the parish council asks that the application should not determined by officer delegation, but by the planning committee, so that residents could 'voice their concerns'.

"The parish council firmly believes that a poor decision could set a precedent for a pattern of unsustainable developments in the area," it stated.

Ribble Banks Parish Council said it 'strongly objected' to the scheme development on grounds it being in 'the open countryside, its 'unsustainability' and the 'negative visual impact of the scheme on the landscape'.

In its submission to the council, it stated: "It is quite clear to us that the scheme is widely opposed locally."

The parish council adds that it believes the site licence for the park 'specifies a maximum number of pitches of 298 and at this level it is already the largest settlement in Ribble Banks Parish'.

It continues, if approved, the number of caravans and lodges on the park could 'easily approach 400'.

The council also claims that the council's planning department is not aware of the exact number of units at the site, and says its suggestion that an aerial shot of the site be taken but that ' no interest has been taken'.

It states: "We are strongly of the view that further development of the site should be paused until the planning authority has a current and accurate view of the situation and that this evidence is shared with the parish council."

Park Holidays, in its now withdrawn application, said: "The proposed development is appropriate in a countryside location and has been designed to both be in keeping with and to offer an improvement to the existing holiday park through the use of considered design and planting, as well as the use of high-quality caravans and lodges."

In response, North Yorkshire Council’s assistant director of planning, Trevor Watson, said: “We have taken legal advice and established that the site has planning permissions for 440 caravans and an amended site licence has been issued. The site currently has around 300 caravans on it.

“A further application for the extension of the site was withdrawn on 12 June 2023. The park owners intend to review their position and take on board comments from local residents.”

A spokesperson for Park Holidays said: "It is not uncommon for planning applications to be withdrawn and revised as part of the approval process, and we are currently reviewing our options following consultation with the council and other local consultees.

"Park Holidays UK remains extremely excited about the future prospects for Bowland Fell holiday park of which we have been the proud owners for the past two years.

"In that time, we have invested substantially in new luxury accommodation based on ancient farm buildings, and the sympathetic restoration of the park's bar and restaurant, built in the 17th century.

"Both projects made extensive use of traditional materials and the results are extremely impressive and underline our commitment to providing the area with a high quality tourism development.

"We have been delighted with the positive feedback from holiday guests at Bowland Fell who are continuing to grow in numbers, and who are providing welcome support to many other local businesses with their spending in the region."