ALMOST 50 organisations and institutions including universities and sixth-forms took part in a highly successful careers day at The Skipton Academy.

The school, which was recently upgraded by Ofsted to 'good', said it had been an invaluable experience for the students who were able to explore various career options.

The event was also attended by four enthusiastic alumni who talked about what they had done after leaving the school.

Jibran Khalil, the school's assistant principal, said: "Their presence not only added a sense of pride and nostalgia but also provided valuable insights into the post-TSA career journeys.

"It was truly inspiring to hear how these former students had progressed and found success in their chosen fields. Their stories served as a reminder that the education and opportunities provided at The Skipton Academy can truly pave the way for a fulfilling future."

He added that the careers day would not have been possible without the 46 organisations and institutions who took part.

"Their commitment to the event demonstrated their dedication to nurturing and guiding young minds towards a bright and prosperous future. The Skipton Academy extends its heartfelt gratitude to each and every institution and organisation that contributed to the success of the event," said Mr Khalil.

In addition to careers advice, students from different year groups took part in activities tailored to their respective academic levels.

Year sevens had the opportunity to learn about the emergency services with an interactive session that instilled a sense of responsibility in the students towards their own well-being and the well-being of others.

An 'Enterprise Day' for year eights saw students put their creative and entrepreneurial skills to the test with the planning of a music festival from scratch. Tasked with various aspects such as logistics, marketing, and budgeting, it introduced them to the world of event management and fostered teamwork and critical thinking skills.

Year nine students delved into the realm of governance and politics, gaining a deeper understanding of the role of parliament in modern-day Britain. Through interactive discussions and workshops, they learned about the importance of democracy, the legislative process, and the impact of government decisions on society. The exposure to political processes broadened their perspectives and encouraged active citizenship.

Finance and money management was the focus of year ten students. Equipped with essential financial literacy skills, including budgeting, understanding credit, and making informed financial decisions, the workshop provided valuable insights into the importance of financial responsibility, and setting a strong foundation for future financial well-being.

Mr Khalil said: "The careers day proved to be a resounding success, thanks to the collaborative efforts of educational institutions, businesses, and passionate individuals. By exposing students to a diverse range of career options and engaging them in meaningful activities, the event has undoubtedly fuelled their aspirations and provided them with a clearer vision of their future paths.

"The students left with a sense of excitement and motivation, armed with newfound knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world of work.

"It is through events like these that the academy continues to empower its students, enabling them to make informed choices about their futures and inspiring them to reach for the stars."