HELWITH Bridge may be a quiet backwater where little goes on that catches the public eye, but things are not always as they seem along the railway lines.

Take this fine looking loco, for example, pictured by Philip Winstanley as it steamed past Helwith Bridge last Thursday. But what is she?

Philip sent the pic to us with the following footnote: “The loco is ex-LMS Jubilee class No. 45627 “Sierra Leone”. (However), the loco is actually Jubilee Class No. 45699 and named “Galatea” but masquerading as “Sierra Leone”. The loco also carries on the cab sides the No. 45562 which is a third Jubilee class loco named “Alberta” and it also has an incorrect shed plate for “Sierra Leone” on the smokebox door “55A”. That was Leeds Holbeck shed where “Alberta” was shedded in the 1960s.”