Could you provide vital support to children and families by becoming a Short Breaks foster carer?

Foster for Bradford is looking for single people and couples to consider becoming part-time Short Breaks foster carers for children with disabilities.

With the prospect of more flexible working, professional development and a rewarding role, fostering is an appealing career choice for many. Part-time fostering is an easy way to combine working and fostering for people who want to make a difference to a child or young person’s life.

Many families in the Bradford district live with a disabled family member. Living with and caring for someone with a disability has many positive aspects, but it can also be tiring, lonely and demanding – their special needs means they need lots of care and attention.

Short Breaks carers are part-time foster carers who play an important role in the lives of disabled children and young people and their families across the Bradford district. They provide planned short breaks that give the children and young people the opportunity to enjoy new experiences, make new friends and create happy memories. This might include an overnight stay, or longer periods of time during school holidays. It gives their families a much needed chance to take a break and spend time with other family members.

Craven Herald:

The young people and foster carers are carefully matched, with the hope this can become a regular arrangement that is built on a solid relationship.

Linzi Nicholson, Registered Manager of Foster for Bradford, said: “This type of care is crucial, both for the children and for their families.

“Short Breaks carers are a real lifeline for the families of children with disabilities and additional needs who might sometimes be faced with a limited support network.

“I would absolutely encourage anyone to consider providing Short Breaks foster care.

“You would be making a huge difference to a local child or young person. Foster for Bradford provides the training and development our foster families need and will support you every step of the way.”

Short Breaks fosters carers are part time roles. Some carers have other jobs, others are full-time parents – it’s the combination of life experience, professional skills and personal qualities that can make a Short Breaks foster carer.

Craven Herald:

Louise, a Short Breaks foster carer for Bradford, said:  "I now care for the same children and have them overnight, at weekends and in the school holidays.  The most enjoyable part for me is the children become part of our family and I become a part of theirs.

"All my family are involved and the children I care for become a part of our family taking part in family events and celebrations.  I even keep memory books for each of the children with photographs so we can look back on what we have done together.

"It is incredibly rewarding knowing that you can make such a difference to a child's life.  There are so many different ways to get involved in foster care and becoming a foster carer I would encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch."

Louise used to work in a primary school as a support assistant with children with special educational needs.  She has done emergency foster care, holiday care and looked after children with special needs. 

Craven Herald:

Pay, training and support

Short Breaks carers are paid a fee each time they look after a child, as well as an allowance to cover expenses. Carers also receive the same level of support and training as provided to full-time foster carers, which includes:

  • a supervising social worker to provide regular support and supervision
  • practical support and advice via support groups
  • comprehensive training to understand the role, caring for children and young people with disabilities on a wide range of subject
  • specific training, as required, for caring for children with specific health conditions and disabilities

By choosing to share a short break with a child, people can make a huge difference in their own life and an even bigger difference to the life of the child and their family.

Taking the first step is simple. Get in touch today and get started on your fostering journey with Foster for Bradford.

To find out more about becoming a Short Breaks foster carer, visit our website, email or call 01274 434331.