HOW I wish we had full equality between the sexes.

If there were more women in charge, the world would be a much better place. There would be less wars. There would be a more stable society.

As in the past, almost all the many evil dictators we currently have are men.

Women have a much stronger instinct than men to preserve and nurture life and thereby maintain stability.

We were all born of women. The mothering characteristic is perhaps why we would be in safer hands.

So, why does so much of the world’s male population treat women as lesser human beings? In some countries men have total control and women are treated no better than battery hens.

Sadly, even in this country, many males think that it’s okay to take advantage of the supposed weaker sex. Huge numbers of women and girls are experiencing this every day.

This pans out in many ways from leaving them feeling unsafe in their home, or to being out alone, or to their suffering discrimination at work. In society in general, there are the extremes of rape and domestic violence which are abhorrent and the majority of victims are women.

One of the greatest supporters I have had in my life was a woman - my mother Both of my daughters are very senior health professionals in the NHS. A woman can achieve the same level of skills as any man. In too many professions women are held back due to totally unjustified prejudice.

The world is a beautiful place but not for everyone. There is so much turmoil of various types at national and domestic levels. I suggest it would be a whole lot better if more women were amongst the decision makers.

They are at least equal in every way to men and therefore should have equal standing nationally, locally and not least in the home.

In recent years, we have seen women’s sport catching up, though there is still a way to go. It has been a slow and arduous process. Look at the joy that change is now bringing.

In many areas of employment, for example the media and the entertainment industry, women still have a long way to go.

Doesn’t it seem ridiculous looking back at what now appears to be the dark ages when only men ruled the world ?

This is my personal view


Town Councillor Winston Feather