I BOW to know one in my condemnation of the use of cluster bombs and agree with my friend Bruce McLeod that their use is abhorrent. (Peace talks needed not cluster bombs, Craven Herald letters, July 27).

It is a pity he chooses to muddy the waters about Ukrainian instability prior to the Russian illegal invasion. Perhaps he feels this is a justification for the Russian “special“ military operation?

Russia illegally annexed Crimea in 2014, and has occupied the Donbas. Russia shows no inclination to leave either of those lands. Indeed Mr Putin appears to think they are rightfully a part of Russia.

If one adds in the indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets - with effects not unlike those of cluster bombs - means quite understandably the Ukrainians are hacked off about that. Equally understandably they are prepared to die to get its borders back and stop their civilians getting killed.

It is surely only the restoration of pre-2014 borders following a Russian withdrawal that can allow for peace talks.


Anthony Bradley

Long Preston