I TOO am concerned about the future of our canals (One of our most valued facilities is at risk, Craven Herald letters, July 27).

Following the announcement of Government funding being drastically pruned, the Canal and River Trust is making its own cuts, including the sad removal of waste bins along the towpath. Patches of land, such as the area by Gallows Bridge in Skipton close to where I live, are left overgrown and unkempt, though 'No Mow May' is well past. There are potholes in the towpath to be negotiated with care.

The work of the trust's volunteers, which includes weeding and litter-picking, is much appreciated.

Much more needs to be done to keep the canals clean and useable for people and traffic of all kinds, including the wildlife such as the much-admired swans and mallards.

At holiday times, families, on foot and with pushchairs, cyclists and narrowboat users are part of the traffic on and around these waterways. It is important to keep such a valued facility well-maintained, clean and safe for everyone.


Celia Midgley