IT was interesting to see the letter from Brian McDaid claiming that the Labour Party are on course to win in Skipton and Ripon at the next election. (Result has given us further inspiration, Craven Herald letters, August 3).

At the last electoral test in Craven which took place in May 2022 when the new North Yorkshire Councillors were elected the results were as follows: Conservatives - 37 per cent; Greens - 23 per cent; Independents - 19 per cent; Labour -14 per cent; Lib Dems - 7 per cent.

On the basis of that vote anyone who has lost confidence in this Conservative government would be wiser to vote for Green Party.

One final point. Should the Labour Party win Skipton and Ripon then Kier Starmer would be on course for a massive national majority. What would he do with such a huge majority? Would the country once again watch as a monolithic national party spent more time arguing over who controlled that power instead of what is best for the country?

I suggest that people vote for what they want rather than waste a vote on trying to calculate tactical advantage in a complicated seat covering a huge county.


Andy Brown

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate