IF you are an established, knowledgeable and successful business owner of nearly 20 years who’s looking to open a second office, chances are you’d look for new premises not far from where you’re based – and not over 200 miles away!

But Marcos Kallou thinks nothing of a three-hour commute up to Skipton, from Epping in Essex where he’s been working for most of his life. In fact, he proudly describes himself as an “adopted northerner.”

Marcos just loves the Yorkshire Dales and “The incredible landscape, the people and of course the Yorkshire mindset.”

After many years of walking holidays and exploring the area, he decided to start researching into where best to set up shop for his wills, trust and estate planning firm Prior Knowledge. Two years on and Marcos has finally settled on Otley Street, Skipton for his new business base.

He said: “The beauty of Skipton is that it has all the character and personality of a small, vibrant and traditional Yorkshire town and it also gives me access to all the amenities like the trains and car hire.”

“Not just for me, but importantly for the people I work with, it’s essential I have a North Yorkshire address and a Skipton phone number, because I appreciate this is all part of becoming an accepted member of the community. And when you have a genuine passion for the Dales, like I do, these sorts of things matter.”

He added: “I always support businesses in this area where I can, because that’s what it’s all about. And if I’m going to have a cuppa, then of course it’s always Yorkshire Tea – alongside some locally made biscuits."

“My clients' peace of mind is at the forefront of everything I do, as discussing wills and estate planning can be a challenge for lots of people, so I use all my years of experience and expertise to provide the most appropriate planning solutions for the people I work with. As they say, home is where the heart is and so I’m really looking forward to getting know Skipton better now I’m based here too.”

Marcos’ company, Prior Knowledge, specialises in the whole gamut of family situations, from the simplest through to the most complex and always offers a free initial consultation. Marcos started his business in 2004 and is a 'fellow' member of the Institute of Professional Will writers - the leading self-regulator in a non-regulated legal sector.