THREE members of Skipton Golf Club raised £138 for the Sue Ryder charity by playing two rounds of golf in a day.

Mark Desgranges, 44, from Cowling, Sam Baldwin, from Rockwood Drive, Skipton, and Angus Mccabe, 26, from West Bank Road played two rounds of golf off the white tees at Skipton Golf Club on August 13 to raise money for the charity.

Mark, who organised the event, said: “We’re pleased to have raised money for Sue Ryder because it’s a great charity, and hope that they can put the money to use.

“I have had members of my family who have had cancer or other terminal illnesses and I would like to think that they got the same excellent care that is provided at Sue Ryder."

Anyone still wanting to make a last-minute donation can still go to the Just Giving page: